For most of my life I have read and followed the spiritual path through religion and metaphysical teachings, a path that now reflects in my metal art. I design, fabricate, braze and weld metal into metaphysical Sacred Geometry art for the purpose of bringing Joy and Light into the world. Most of my designs are centered on universal patterns and shapes that are mathematically balanced and reference ‘the code’ of harmony or Golden Mean found in the atom, mathematics, music, architecture as well as the human body. My art ranges in size from 6 inches to 9 feet high; working with new stock metal from the mill or scrap pieces repurposed into geometric art, which provides me with great joy and has enabled me to humbly join the ranks of creative artists.

I started working with metal as a young sergeant in the Air Force teaching aircraft structural metal repair during the Vietnam era. After the service, I worked in various aviation fields one of which was an aircraft metal fabrication and repair specialist for a major airline and, later on, in the Air National Guard during the first Gulf War as a reservist also performing aircraft metal fabrication and repair.

After retiring from my full time corporate work, I first turned my artistic talent to writing and have published a book of poetry and an historical fiction novel. However, my positive experiences working with metal re-emerged a few years back while assisting a friend in fabricating a metal art lawn structure. From then on, I have embraced metal art with a focus on geometry.

I chose steel as the material to fabricate from. Why steel you ask? The composition of steel is primarily iron, as much at 99% for certain steels. Iron blesses us in many ways; iron makes up the core of the earth, which results in the magnetic field around the earth that protects us from harmful radiation from the sun; iron makes up the hemoglobin in our blood and is essential in transferring oxygen to our cells.  A key structural member in buildings, roads, bridges, cars, and appliances is steel (iron).  Without iron, we wouldn’t be here now. There are some who consider iron dross with no place in art. However, iron serves humanity selflessly. I believe iron the noblest metal of all.

When I became a metal fabrication artist, I chose to honor iron by designing, fabricating and welding steel into Sacred Geometry works of art. Sacred Geometry involves universal patterns and shapes that are mathematically balanced and form ‘the code’ of harmony found in the atom, mathematics, music, architecture as well as the human body.  Welding iron (in steel) into these geometric patterns provides a unique art style that brings this solid earth element, which we are so indebted to, into a visible geometric balance for all to see.